Research Participation 2019

Paid Research Participation

Semester 1, 2019

Who: undergraduate students from the University of Melbourne

Why: To participate in a study investigating how different cognitive and emotional states interact in an online learning.

What’s involved?
You will be asked to complete a learning module about alcohol consumption. The session will take place at the University of Melbourne and should take you around 30 minutes.

If you choose to participate in this research, you will complete a computer-based educational module about alcohol consumption. The session will also involve the completion of a survey about your demographic details, motivation towards learning, and your experience learning with the online material. The log files of the educational module will also be recorded.

Why should you get involved?
This will help us to understand more about how we can develop effective online learning modules in higher education, taking into consideration their cognitive and emotional states. The research is funded through a Special Research Initiative of the Australian Research Council.

PLUS, you will get a $20 gift voucher to thank you for participating.

How do you get involved?

If you would like to take part in the study (or have any further questions about it)

please contact Paul Wiseman, at